After-school dance programs integrated with
Global Awareness and Giving


Built on established concepts in kinesthetic learning, our dance curriculum is designed to help children mature phyically, emotionally, socially, cognitively and, of course, from the standpoint of global awareness and giving.

Physical Development:
Co-ordination, Kinesthetic memory, body fitness

Emotional Maturity: Opportunity for emotional expression at a yougn age, self-awareness, appreciation of oneself and others.

Social Awareness:
Social encounter, interaction and cooperation

Cognitive Development: Spontaneity, problem-solving, choreography

Global Awareness:

Exploration of dance forms from other societies


We spend a major portion of each class learning dance techniques in fun and engaging ways, and practice choreography for the final performance. We ensure that each child is dancing at an appropriate skill level. The children would focus on one genre but will also have opportunities to sample other genres.


In the final portion of each class, the children explore other cultures and communities of the world in hands-on, kid-friendly ways. They also learn about non-profit organizations, understanding how they are making a positive difference in various corners of the world (including their own backyard).


Time is spent in every class towards preparing the children for a grand end-of-the year performance, when they showcase what they have learnt in dance as well as in the Giving component. They will form small groups and present to the audience on what they have learnt about the world and how they plan to give away their 'give it all' portion of the program fee.

Growing to be Global Children

Our hope is to help children grow to by exposing them to global issues at a young age. Our 20 weeks program is carefully structured to provide the student with the right balace of dance and global learning. The program enriches the student in multiple ways, while nurturing in them the Give It All philosophy.