After-school dance programs integrated with
Global Awareness and Giving

We are finalizing the list of organizations we'd support in our first year, but here's what some of them do:

Animal Care

Take care of terminally ill animals

Building Bridges

High school program focused on building bridges between conflicting groups

Village Self-Sufficiency

Help villages in third world countries be self sufficient

Women's Mental Health

Care for mentally ill women given up by family.

    During the course of the year, we make a careful selection of ten non-profit organizations from around the world (including our own backyard) who are working to change the world in unique ways.

    We work with our partners to develop materials that communicate their work in a form and language that kids understand. We then integrate those materials into our dance program.

    It is our expectation that our students would thoroughly understand and appreciate the work of all of our partners, but each of them will develop a natural penchant for some of them, depending on their personality, mental makeup, upbringing and other external factors.For example, a child could be drawn towards a partner that takes care of sick animals.

    At the end of the year, children would make an informed decision to give a portion of their program fee to a partner of their choice.